Quiet Meadows Farm1800 E 1200 N, Mapleton, UT 84664

Large Rustic Barn with inside seating capacity of 200. Reception 400 plus. Outside seating is more. 
Nestled beneath the Mountains on 150 acres. Conveniently located just 8 minutes off Interstate 15. 
During the Spring and summer, our sheep are grazing in the fields. Goats and chickens are here year around.
Organic Apple,  peach, apricot and plum orchard to walk through, and even pick one in season.
Beautiful lighting inside and outside the barn, with wagons,  antiques and rustic decor. It needs very little decorating, and we have a lot items, indluding centerpieces, for
you to choose from, which is included.
Quiet Meadows Farm

1800 East 1200 North, Mapleton, Utah 84664

(801) 438-9394

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