Barbwire & LacePleasant Grove, UT


Barbwire and Lace is a one of a kind property from the old town that was built and designed by the owners to the elegant chandeliers that are hanging year round throughout.

When you step foot on the 3.5 acres you feel literally swept into another time. The flower gardens, fountains and decor that enchant the property are magical. Every corner is a scene, a stage,  a backdrop which is constantly changing. The care and love that goes into every detail is breathtaking. This venue design offers an assortment of options to each guest creating there special event.

Where west meets elegance once the sun sets on the property the lighting is rustic elegance, a romantic fairy tale. We believe that variety is what sets us apart. The venue is versatile and charming with all the modern bells and whistles.

Barbwire & Lace

Barbwire and Lace Weddings and Events in Pleasant Grove Utah

2131 N 180 W
Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062

Phone: 801-787-7325

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