Doc Parkinson Magleby's Restaurant

The original Magleby’s Restaurant was started by David “Doc” Parkinson, a retired dentist with a passion for life. Doc’s friends and family describe him as outgoing, generous, funny and spontaneous. For over twenty years, Doc has been greeting Magleby’s customers at the door with world-famous bread sticks and a warm welcome. Doc and his wife Lenora have been married for over 50 years. Lenora’s wonderful dessert recipes have made Magleby’s spread of homemade desserts legendary.

Doc is an avid motorcyclist who has put about 400,000 miles on his three Honda CX500 motorcycles – that’s about 16 times around the world. Doc’s unconventional rules of the road include never riding at night, never eating indoors, and never sleeping in a hotel.

“I know every paved road and every mountain pass in the five states that surround Utah,” said Doc. “There’s so much I want to see. I just ride, ride, ride. I might want to go 600 miles a day when other riders want to go 250 to 300, then go to a nice motel. I’d rather just throw a sleeping bag on the ground, so I can ride from sunup to sundown.”

Doc also loves golf. His son, Richard, said his dad has always been a little bit nuts. “One time when I was about 12 years old, my dad and I tried to play as many holes of golf in one day as we could. We ended up playing 127 holes that day”.

Pushing the limits and achieving excellence have been hallmarks of Doc’s life – not only in physical, but also in spiritual ways. When Doc’s granddaughter, Holly, played tennis for BYU, Doc was known to write the letters “WWCD” with a black marker on the hands of Holly and her teammates. The letters stand for “What Would Christ Do”.

Doc believes that in life’s sweetest victories as well as in life’s most hollow defeats, you’ve got to always have your priorities in line. Still, he was always willing to sweeten the deal for Holly and her teammates at BYU tennis mateches. “If you gals win, there’s free desserts afterwards at Magleby’s”.

Doc’s son, Richard, manages Magleby’s newest restaurants, Magleby’s at Trivani and The Grotto. Both restaurants are located in an historic building on Main Street in Springville. Magleby’s at Trivani serves the traditional Magleby’s menu that our customers have loved since Magleby’s first opened in the Village Green. The Grotto is the newest Magleby’s idea. It is a premium steakhouse serving USDA Prime steaks.

Magleby’s Fresh first opened in Provo on January 1, 1999, to fill the void that exists between formal restaurants and fast food places. The Fresh concept has since opened stores in Spanish Fork and Lindon. Magleby’s Fresh is the perfect solution for on-the-go moms and dads who don’t have time to sit and wait in a traditional restaurant, but who want to feed their families something healthier than traditional fast food.

Magleby’s Fresh serves salads, sandwiches, and some of the most popluar menu items from Magleby’s, including our World Famous Chocolate Cake. Most portions at Magleby’s Fresh are slightly smaller than at Magleby’s and cost about half the price. Having breakfast at the Fresh has become a favorite tradition with families and students. Whether you sit down in the quaint but contemporary dining areas, or take your food on the road, Magleby’s Fresh will give you the pleasure of fine dining and the convenience of fast food.


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